Vicuña, Gorilla, Chatbot Arena and Socially Beneficial LLMs, with Prof. Joey Gonzalez

Data Science

Vicuna, Gorilla and the Chatbot Arena are all critical elements of the new open-source LLM ecosystem — the extremely knowledgeable and innovative Prof. Joseph Gonzalez is behind all of them. Get the details in this SuperDataScience episode hosted by our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn.

• Is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley.
• Co-directs the Berkeley RISE Lab, which studies Real-time, Intelligent, Secure and Explainable systems.
• Co-founded Turi (acquired by Apple for $200m) and more recently Aqueduct.
• His research is integral to major software systems including Apache Spark, Ray (for scaling Python ML), GraphLab (a high-level interface for distributed ML) and Clipper (low-latency ML serving).
• His papers—published in top ML journals—have been cited over 24,000 times.
• Developed Berkeley’s upper-division data science class, which he now teaches to over 1000 students per semester.

This episode will probably appeal primarily to hands-on data science practitioners but we made an effort to break down technical terms so that anyone who’s interested in staying on top of the latest in open-source Generative A.I. can enjoy the episode.

In it, Prof. Gonzalez details:
• How his headline-grabbing LLM, Vicuña, came to be and how it arose as one of the leading open-source alternatives to ChatGPT.
• How his Chatbot Arena became the leading proving ground for commercial and open-source LLMs alike.
• How his Gorilla project enables open-source LLMs to call APIs making it an open-source alternative to ChatGPT’s powerful plugin functionality.
• The race for longer LLM context windows.
• How both proprietary and open-source LLMs will thrive alongside each other in the coming years.
• His vision for how A.I. will have a massive, positive societal impact over the coming decades.

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