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Enter a job description, favored resume or preferred archetype and let our powerful matching engine instantly score, sort and rank recommended profiles best suited for your roles. Our proprietary algorithms process Natural Language using Deep Learning Neural Networks, enabling Nebula to analyze hundreds of millions of profiles in seconds to provide you with the most meaningful matches.


Shortlist and Engage.

Quickly add and organize interested talent profiles to prepare for current or future roles. Signal interest with a single click, schedule meetings in seconds and collaborate with your team or hiring managers to make more impactful decisions together.


Discover Actionable Insights.

Nebula empowers intelligent talent planning, acquisition, optimization and retention strategies. Research real time compensation data, measure employee engagement and motivation, and discover talent trends in demand, supply and skills transformation. Optimize quality of hire and speed of hire to eradicate bottlenecks and solve for leakages that undermine your organization.


Better Talent in Less Time With More Humanity.

An independent evaluation by a Fortune 500 client determined that relative to their previous best-practice of using elaborate (unscalable, unsustainable and wearying to devise) keyword-based searches — the Nebula model identifies 12x as many strong candidates with greater ease and in less time. Better still, with less time spent searching, they could spend more time interacting and were able to refocus on creating human connections.

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