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01. For Hiring Managers

For Hiring Managers

Talent Vault contains the world’s best talent – validated by the world’s best educators and employers – and activated by the world’s best headhunters. Talent Vault is a private talent network where you’ll discover exceptional talent rarely available on the usual professional networks and job boards.

02. For Job Seekers

For Job Seekers

Career Vault is an intelligent career-building platform that finds ideal opportunities for your skills and talents. Our AI technology and recruitment specialists identify the best roles within your industry — based on your ideal position, salary, schedule, benefits and more — and match you with top opportunities.

03. For HR Tech

For HR Tech

Wynden Stark delivers powerful recruiting technology to businesses. With cutting-edge recruitment solutions, teams have access to AI-driven analytics, hiring marketplaces, and talent matching. That way, human resources processes are customized and optimized – so you can increase productivity and focus on the personal side of talent acquisition.

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