OpenAssistant: The Open-Source ChatGPT Alternative, with Dr. Yannic Kilcher

Data Science

In this episode of SuperDataScience hosted by our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn, Yannic Kilcher — famed Machine Learning YouTuber and creator of OpenAssistant, the best-known open-source conversational A.I., shares where the biggest A.I. opportunities are in the coming years.

If you’re not already aware of him, Dr. Yannic:
• Has over 230,000 subscribers on his machine learning YouTube channel.
• Is the CTO of DeepJudge, a Swiss startup that is revolutionizing the legal profession with AI tools.
• Led the development of OpenAssistant, a leading open-source alternative to ChatGPT, that has over 37,000 stars on GitHub.
• Holds a PhD in A.I. from the outstanding Swiss technical university, ETH Zürich.

Despite being such a technical expert himself, most of this episode should be accessible to anyone who’s interested in A.I., whether you’re a hands-on practitioner or not.

In this episode, Yannic details:
• The behind-the-scenes stories and lasting impact of his OpenAssistant project.
• The technical and commercial lessons he’s learned while growing his A.I. startup.
• How he stays up to date on ML research.
• The important, broad implications of adversarial examples in ML.
• Where the biggest opportunities are in A.I. in the coming years.

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