Jon’s “Generative A.I. with LLMs” Hands-on Training

Data Science

This SuperDataScience episode hosted by our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn, introduces my two-hour “Generative A.I with LLMs” training, which is packed with hands-on Python demos in Colab notebooks. It details open-source LLM (Hugging Face; PyTorch Lightning) and commercial (OpenAI API) options.

The training is available in its entirety on YouTube and all of the code is in GitHub. He’s disabled all YouTube monetization on this video (indeed, I’ve disabled it on all of my instructional content on YouTube) so that you can fully enjoy it, commercial-free!

Topic Summary

Module 1: Introduction to Large Language Models (LLMs)
– A Brief History of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
– Transformers
– Subword Tokenization
– Autoregressive vs Autoencoding Models
– ELMo, BERT and T5
– The GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) Family
– LLM Application Areas

Module 2: The Breadth of LLM Capabilities
– LLM Playgrounds
– Staggering GPT-Family progress
– Key Updates with GPT-4
– Calling OpenAI APIs, including GPT-4

Module 3: Training and Deploying LLMs
– Hardware Options (e.g., CPU, GPU, TPU, IPU, AWS chips)
– The Hugging Face Transformers Library
– Best Practices for Efficient LLM Training
– Parameter-efficient fine-tuning (PEFT) with low-rank adaptation (LoRA)
– Open-Source Pre-Trained LLMs
– LLM Training with PyTorch Lightning
– Multi-GPU Training
– LLM Deployment Considerations
– Monitoring LLMs in Production

Module 4: Getting Commercial Value from LLMs
– Supporting ML with LLMs
– Tasks that can be Automated
– Tasks that can be Augmented
– Best Practices for Successful A.I. Teams and Projects
– What’s Next for A.I.

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