Jon Krohn on Last Week in AI Episode #138

Data Science

The only podcast our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn, listens to, “Last Week in A.I.”, hosted him on as a guest on episode #138. They had a lot of laughs recapping the big A.I. news, including the release of DALL-E 3 and reports that Google’s forthcoming Gemini model crushes GPT-4.

Here’s the rundown of all the topics discussed in Episode #138:

Tools & Apps
• OpenAI’s DALL-E 3
•’s YouAgent

Applications & Business
• Google’s Gemini AI surpasses Chat GPT-4 fivefold: Report
• From sanctions to silicon: China’s semiconductor breakthrough
• AI app Character.AI is catching up to ChatGPT in the U.S.
• NVIDIA’s dominance in AI chips deters funding for startups
• Databricks raises over $500 mln at $43 bln valuation

Projects & Open-source
• Meta Is Developing a New, More Powerful AI System as Technology Race Escalates

Research & Advancements
• NExT-GPT: Any-to-Any Multimodal LLM
• Language Modeling Is Compression
• How AI can Revolutionize Science

Policy & Safety
• Inside the U.S. Senate’s Private AI Meeting With Tech’s Billionaire Elites
• Anthropic’s Responsible Scaling Policy
• AI Chatbots Are Invading Your Local Government—and Making Everyone Nervous
• Inside Elon Musk’s Struggle for the Future of AI
• Gary Gensler confirms SEC’s use of AI for financial surveillance

Synthetic Media & Art
• Self-publishers must declare if content sold on Amazon’s site is AI-generated

You can find the “Last Week in A.I.” podcast, typically hosted by the fabulous Andrey Kurenkov and Jeremie Harris, on your favorite podcasting platform. You don’t need to have a technical background in A.I. or ML to enjoy the program, which is primarily targeted at laypeople.

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