Jon Krohn on Ken’s Nearest Neighbors Podcast #168

Data Science

Our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn, joins Ken Jee in this episode of the “Ken’s Nearest Neighbors” podcast — a popular weekly show that features data professionals digging into their backgrounds, motivations and philosophies.

(The podcast name is a clever play on the “k-nearest neighbors” machine learning algorithm.)

In this episode, Ken Jee (sports data scientist and YouTuber with 250,000 subscribers) and Jon had a lot of laughs while discussing:
• “Type 1” versus “Type 2” fun
• The Nebula platform, where we automate and augment white-collar work with A.I.
• How Jon found meaning through publishing free educational resources.
• How Jon came to host SuperDataScience and how it’s grown it into the most listened-to podcast in the industry.
• The flywheel of being a data science practitioner and content creator.

You can listen to the episode (#168) of Ken’s Nearest Neighbors on all major podcast platforms.

Getting Value From A.I.

In February 2023, our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn, delivered this keynote on “Getting Value from A.I.” to open the second day of Hg Capital’s “Digital Forum” in London.

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The Chinchilla Scaling Laws

The Chinchilla Scaling Laws dictate the amount of training data needed to optimally train a Large Language Model (LLM) of a given size. For Five-Minute Friday, our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn, covers this ratio and the LLMs that have arisen from it.

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StableLM: Open-Source “ChatGPT”-Like LLMs You Can Fit on One GPU

The folks who open-sourced Stable Diffusion have now released “StableLM”, their first Language Models. Pre-trained on an unprecedented amount of data for single-GPU LLMs (1.5 trillion tokens!), these are small but mighty.

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