How to Speak so You Blow Listeners’ Minds, with Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Data Science

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic’s book, “storytelling with data”, has sold over 500k copies… wild! In this SuperDataScience Podcast hosted by our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn, Cole details the best tricks from her latest book, “storytelling with you” — a goldmine on how to inform and profoundly engage people.

• Is the author of “storytelling with data”, which has sold half a million copies, been translated into over 20 languages and is used by more than 100 universities. Nearly a decade old, the book is the #1 bestseller still today in several Amazon categories.
• Also wrote the follow-on, hands-on “storytelling with data: let’s practice!” a bestseller in its own right.
• Serves as the Founder and CEO of the storytelling with data company, which provides data-storytelling workshops and other resources.
• Previously she was a People Analytics Manager at Google.
• Holds a degree in math as well as an MBA from the University of Washington.

This episode will be of interest to anyone who’d like to communicate so effectively and compellingly that people are blown away.

In this episode, Cole details:
• Her top tips for planning, creating and delivering an incredible presentation.
• A few special tips for communicating data effectively for all of you data nerds like me.

The SuperDataScience podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms, YouTube, and at


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