How to Integrate Generative A.I. Into Your Business, with Piotr Grudzień

Data Science

Want to integrate Conversational A.I. (“chatbots”) into your business and ensure it’s a (profitable!) success? Then this episode of SuperDataScience, hosted by our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn, with Quickchat AI co-founder Piotr Grudzień, covering both customer-facing and internal use cases, will be perfect for you.


• Is Co-Founder and CTO of Quickchat AI, a Y Combinator-backed conversation-design platform that lets you quickly deploy and debug A.I. assistants for your business.

• Previously worked as an applied scientist at Microsoft.

• Holds a Master’s in computer engineering from the University of Cambridge.

Today’s episode should be accessible to technical and non-technical folks alike.

In this episode, Piotr details:

• What it takes to make a conversational A.I. system successful, whether that A.I. system is externally facing (such as a customer-support agent) or internally facing (such as a subject-matter expert).

• What’s it’s been like working in the fast-developing Large Language Model space over the past several years.

• What his favorite Generative A.I. (foundation model) vendors are.

• What the future of LLMs and Generative A.I. will entail.

• What it takes to succeed as an A.I. entrepreneur.

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