How GitHub Operationalizes AI for Teamwide Collaboration and Productivity, with GitHub COO Kyle Daigle

Data Science

In this episode of SuperDataScience hosted by our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn, the exceptionally passionate GitHub COO Kyle Daigle details how generative A.I. tools improve not only the way individuals work, but also dramatically transform the way people across entire firms collaborate.

Kyle was Jon’s on-stage guest for a “fireside chat” live on stage at Insight Partners’ ScaleUp:AI conference in New York.

Check out the episode for all of our conversation; some of the key takeaways are:
• Generative AI tools like GitHub CoPilot are most useful and efficient when they’re part of your software-development flow.
• These kinds of in-flow generative AI tools can be used for collaboration (such as speeding up code review) not just on an individual basis.
• “Innersourcing” takes open-source principles but applies them within an organization on their proprietary assets.


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