Digital Analytics with Avinash Kaushik

Data Science

Our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn, interviews bestselling author and world-leading authority on digital analytics, Avinash Kaushik, who masterfully describes how A.I. is transforming analytics and how you can capitalize to deliver joy to your customers.

• Is Chief Strategy Officer at Croud, a leading marketing agency.
• Was until recently Sr. Director of Global Strategic Analytics at Google, where he spent 16 years and where he launched the ubiquitous Google Analytics tool.
• Is a multi-time author, including the industry-standard book “Web Analytics 2.0”.
• Is an authority on marketing analytics through his widely-read “Occam’s Razor” blog and “The Marketing Analytics Intersect” newsletter (55k subscribers).
• His prodigious posting of useful analytics insights has landed him 200k Twitter followers and 300k followers on LinkedIn.

This episode has a few deeply technical moments but for the most part is accessible to anyone who’d like to glean practical digital analytics insights from a world leader in the space.

In this episode, Avinash details:
• The distinction between brand analytics and performance analytics, and why both are critical for commercial success.
• His “four clusters of intent” for understanding your audience, delivering joy to them, and accelerating business profit.
• Why it’s a superpower for executives to be hands-on with data tools and programming.
• His favorite data tools and programming languages.
• How A.I. is transforming analytics today and his concrete vision for how A.I. will transform analytics in the coming years.

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