Data Science for Clean Energy, with Emily Pastewka

Data Science

How can data science and machine learning power the transition toward a sustainable global economy? The ML leader (and exceptional communicator of technical concepts!) Emily Pastewka is our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn’s, SuperDataScience guest to fill us in on Green Data Science.

• Leads the data function at Palmetto, a cleantech startup focused on home electrification.
• Prior to Palmetto, spent more than 10 years building consumer data products and solving marketplace problems as a data science and ML leader at huge fast-growing tech companies like Uber and Rent The Runway.
• Holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Columbia University and undergraduate degrees in Economics and Environmental Policy from Duke.

This episode should be accessible to technical and non-technical folks alike because whenever Emily got technical, she did an exquisite job of explaining the concepts.

In this episode, Emily details:
• How data science and A.I. can make the world greener by shifting us to clean energy.
• The team of people needed to bring cleantech data solutions to life.
• How econometrics plays a key role in nudging consumers toward greener decisions.
• Her top tips for excelling as a data leader.
• What she looks for in the scientists and engineers she hires.

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