A.I. Product Management, with Google DeepMind’s Head of Product, Mehdi Ghissassi

Data Science

The elite team at Google DeepMind cranks out one world-changing A.I. innovation after another. In this episode of SuperDataScience hosted by our Chief Data Scientist, Jon Krohn, their affable Head of Product Mehdi Ghissassi shares his wisdom on how to design and release successful A.I. products.

• Has been Head of Product at Google DeepMind — the world’s most prestigious A.I. research group — for over four years.
• Spent an additional three years at DeepMind before that as their Head of A.I. Product Incubation and a further four years before that in product roles at Google, meaning he has more than a decade of product leadership experience at Alphabet.
• Member of the Board of Advisors at CapitalG, Alphabet’s renowned venture capital and private equity fund.
• Holds five Master’s degrees, including computer science and engineering Master’s degrees from the École Polytechnique, in International Relations from Sciences Po, and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

This episode will be of interest to anyone who’s keen to create incredible A.I. products.

In this episode, Mehdi details:
• Google DeepMind’s bold mission to achieve Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).
• Game-changing DeepMind A.I. products such as AlphaGo and AlphaFold.
• How he stays on top of fast-moving A.I. innovations.
• The key ethical issues surrounding A.I.
• A.I.’s big social-impact opportunities.
• His guidance for investing in A.I. startups.
• Where the big opportunities lie for A.I. products in the coming years.

The SuperDataScience podcast is available on all major podcasting platforms, YouTube, and at SuperDataScience.com.

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